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Here’s How You Can Save Up To 2 Hours Daily, Have A Transparent Business, Transparent Work Process And Scale Your Business Smoothly From The First Week.

(Without Being Fed Up With Your Workload Or Being Stuck Working In The Business Instead Of Working On It)

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My name is Zoltan Katkics, working with ClickUp for 2 years so far and I am a fan of process improvement.

I have 5+ years of experience in project management, process improvement and automation and software deployment at huge multinational companies such as ExxonMobil or Nissan.

I owned and managed webshops and had a web agency (mostly web-development) in the past few years…

…but I enjoyed always the automation and process improvement part of the business so I decided to step out and deal with exactly that and support Small Business Owners in this field.

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Zoltan Katkics – ClickUp expert and Business Growth consultant

Want Our Team To Personally Build You A Bespoke Improved, Optimized And Automated Business Process That Predictably & Consistently Free Up Your Time And Save 1-2 Hours Daily To Focus On Growing Your Business?

Limited Spots Remain

Dear Business Owners,

Would it surprise you to learn, that we help our clients save up to 2 hours daily and they succeed with having a scalable and most importantly organised business?


Of course you are!

But stick with me and I’ll make it worth your while…

Nowadays business owners feel that it is too much, managing the firm requires too much time and effort, it is more like chaos than a joy to have a business.

Here we help them to map out the process, find the critical path, eliminate or optimize unnecessary tasks and automate the process as much as we can.

And We Did It By Using A Completely Contreuitive Model That Allows Business Owners To Get The Best Out Of Business And Improve Their Processes.

…All while optimizing, improving and automating the business processes with Digital solutions (like ClickUp)…

…And not having a months-long learning curve to get familiar with new tools (we will need a few weeks or less)…

…And No more ineffective ClickUp Structure…

…And No more missed tasks, due dates and untrained teams…

…And only have the well optimized and automated processes with the right (for example ClickUp software ) structure designed specifically based on your business needs.

Best of all, our service helps Business Owners to have more time to focus on growing their business and spending more time doing the things they love most…

I Would Like To Introduce You To…

„Process Mapping, Improvement And Automation With Digital Solutions”:

A digital solution that will help business owners like you to optimize and automate (with ClickUp) their processes and as a result save 1-2 hours daily and enjoy the business again.

We make it simple for you to:

Save 1-2 hours daily on average.

Have harmonized, structured and transparent business processes.

Clear process structure: to know exactly who does what and when and who is responsible.

Well documented processes: ability to grow easily the business and hand over tasks to others easily.

And best of all, you will receive the exact road from chaotic business processes, overloaded managers/employees to balanced, super productive employees, managers business owners and to a harmonized and growing business.

Also, you will enjoy managing the firms again and will have time to do what you really want and love.

So again, if you’re a business owner and want to have more time to scale your business understand this:

Now you never have to worry about not having enough time to work on your business, again!

Which also means you’re not stuck feeling like you’ve tried everything to have an organized business and save more time but unfortunately you still managing in chaos.


You’ll finally have 

♦  Transparent process and projects…

Transparent business…

And most importantly significantly less amount of time spent on it.

If you act fast, you will get the results earlier and you will have a chance to grow your business and enjoy life earlier.

⚠️ Volumes will cap out and we won’t have ⚠️ 

room to add more clients. Acting now would secure a seat to immediately receive the results and consistency you’ve been searching for…

We Will Let You Try Our Model Risk Free…

First of all, we’ll quickly identify your needs, so you get exactly what is the best for your business to skyrocket and get tracked!

Secondly, I will guide you through the ClickUp software and set up the software in a way that is the most effective for your business and daily operation.

What does this mean for you?

Quite simply, if it works then great!

If not (Highly Unlikely) you won’t owe us anything.

No prepayment

You pay me nothing…

…Until you are fully satisfied with my Service!

So, Let’s Show You…

Hit the button below, book a time and date that works for you, answer a few quick questions and we’ll be in touch!

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Talk you Soon,

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I will see you on your scheduled call, and I look forward to talking to you and learning how I can be of value to you and your online business. Please do not miss the call as I cannot go chasing No Shows.

I have provided a reschedule option for you for those unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances.

Ps. Do get yourself in a quiet location, so we can hear each other, and be like me, bring a notepad and pen for notes. I am looking forward to the possibilities in helping you and your online business.



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